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ABA Training

Happy Dragon is cordially inviting our HD contractors & providers to this class. These sessions are free of charge for HD Staff Contractors. Providers that decide to be onboarded to join Happy Dragon will have registration fees waived – please bring credentials in this case. This is a MANDATORY workshop for all the active clinicians that are providing therapy.

Training Topic:

– Early Intervention ABA Training


Ellie Fisch –  LMSW, BCBA, LBA
Michael Markakis – Early Intervention Program Assistant Supervisor 


Making our data work for us
1. Why do we take data?
2.Where do our goals come from?
3.What goals do we use & Why? What are desirable behaviors v undesirable behaviors
what are the goals /how do we take data for those goals ?
4.How do we take data?
5.interpreting data/ When do we change our goals?
6. What’s the next step ?


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– Michael Markakis:

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Training Session - ABA Training
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Session #1

September 12th 10:00AM

Session #2

September 12th 6:00PM