Happy Dragon Children’s Learning Center is dedicated in providing children with a safe, developmentally appropriate environment for preschool by meeting the NYS Common Core Pre-kindergarten Performance Standards.

At Happy Dragon we make every day a learning day, filled with new and wonderful experiences. Happy Dragon provides each child with the ability to learn and grow physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally. Children find what interests and inspire them. We have implemented the DOE and Creative curriculum which is designed for promoting skills acquisition and goals in the four learning domains: social-emotional, physical, creative expression/ aesthetic and cognitive development, which includes language and literacy, mathematical and scientific thinking.

Our program is unique because our curriculum and activities are center based in order to enhance and strengthen children’s comprehensive growth and development in all learning domains, including English literacy and bilingual capabilities respectively in Mandarin, Cantonese, Spanish and Russian. Our ultimate goal is to become the center of excellence for the UPK service in an ethnically and culturally diversified area.

Happy Dragon classrooms are designed to inspire young learners, capturing each child’s wellbeing, ideas, and independence to encourage a growing awareness of self. Happy Dragons program appeals to the community and families due to its diversity and cultural diffusion.